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Granite Technology & Material

HAUSTERN sinks consist of 80% natural quartz, the hardest constituent of natural granite, giving you the extremely durable material rigours of everyday use vanish with hardly a trace.

G.P.S. System
Technological moulding leadership

G.P.S. system is today the utmost expression of the moulding technology of thermosetting composite materials in the kitchen sinks field.

Plus of G.P.S. System:

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It attracts the eye, inviting to the touch. Aesthetical impact, adaptability to steel, Metaltek functionality and practicality.

The chemical composition is made up natural granite, acrylic resin and, like all the sinks manufactured with the technological leadership G.P.S. system, has an even mass resulting in high resistance to stains, impactand temperature changes.

The uniqueness of this product is that have been added the metal particles, making the product with a brilliant and shining finish. The targetis to obtain special “metallic effects”. The different finishes allow a perfect match between the sink and the other stainless steel components in the kitchen.

Colour Available: