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Haustern Granite Sink Maintenance
Haustern’s Granite sinks are 100% imported from Italy. It consists of 80% natural quartz, the hardest constituent of natural granite, giving you the extremely durable material rigours of everyday use vanish with hardly a trace. The chemical composition is made up natural granite, acrylic resin and, like all the sinks manufactured with the technological leadership G.P.S. system, has an even mass resulting in high resistance to stains, impact and temperature changes.

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Our sinks are extremely hard and resistant. Maintenance of the sink in every means is pretty simple. Nevertheless, when cleaning a granite sink you should be aware of a few things in order to keep enjoying the fantastic look and feel for as long as possible. This care guideline provides you daily care by removing stains from your sink.
Routine Care
The best way to clean the sink is to use a soft cloth or sponge with commonly available detergents diluted in warm water. Strong detergent should not be used. The surface of the sink should be washed with water, drying the damp parts with a spongy cloth. This will help prevent the formation of limescale marks especially on dark-coloured sink.
Cleaning Procedure
Clean your granite sink by rubbing it with the sponge in small, circular movements, using only the soft side of the sponge. Once you’re finished, rinse your sink thoroughly with clean water. Finally, rub your sink dry with a microfibre cloth in order to prevent limescale.
Cleaning Do’s ✓
  • Employ regular routine cleaning rather than an occasional aggressive single cleaning.
  • Only use propriety brands of cleaner that state “SUITABLE FOR QUARTZ OR GRANITE KITCHENTOP”.
  • Always rinse and dry as the final steps in a cleaning procedures.
Cleaning Don’t’s X
  • Do not use coarse abrasive chemicals eg. Powder, Chlorine, Bleach, Acids, Alkaline Liquid and etc.
  • Do not leave soft iron products, hard wares or rusted materials in the sink for a long period.
  • Do not use metallic succourers or brushes with metal bristles.
  • Do not use any water on the surface of the sink. Waster with high ferric content will cause rust and water with high mineral content will cause white thin coatings.
Product to consider-
Consider to use Cream-based cleaners to effectively removes marks left behind by dishes, cookware and other kitchen utensil, and restores the product’s original shine and lustre.

Removing metal abrasion
Removing metal abrasion is easy. Using metal objects like pots can cause metal abrasion – dark streaks that are particularly noticeable on light surfaces. Again, put some detergent on a moistened sponge, this time using the rough side. Rub the sink with the rough side of the sponge, using circular movements, to remove the streaks. Rinse your sink down with clean water and rub all of the damp surfaces dry with a microfibre cloth.
Removing discolouration
If you have left your sink for a long period of time without cleaning, limescale particles will gather on the surface. These deposits typically gather around the mixer tap and on the drainer, as dishes dry here and water droplets evaporate. The deposited limescale is easy to spot against dark sinks. Only limescale deposits many leads to discolouration, but these can be removed in next to no time. Using Gel-Gloss or any cream-based polishers that suitable for granite kitchen top can help. This dissolves the layer of limescale and dirt and restores the sink to its original colour.