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Haustern Moulding System G.P.S.
Haustern Moulding process with G.P.S. System

G.P.S. System is a set of machineries which allow to mould a composite material basically realized with a mixture of acrylic resin filled with quartz particles of different dimensions, according to the final product to be realized.

The heart of the machine is constituted by the moulding press. Thanks to the fact that the press manages a dynamic mould, the uniqueness of this machine is to be able to get sinks with a substantial and even distribution of all the components contained in the mass.

Plus of G.P.S. System:

  • Improved resistance to impacts (+30%);
  • Improved resistance to thermal shocks (+100%); over than 7000 hot water (more than 90°C) and cold water cycles (at 15°C) and 20 years durability.
  • Improved resistance to high temperatures (+30%);
  • Improved look of the sink show face.

Traditional moulding system VS Haustern G.P.S Moulding System

Traditional technology which does not allow to evenly distribute all the components (acrylic resin and quartz) in the mass of the sink, base principle of chemistry for getting improved mechanical features.

Haustern G.P.S. System invented a dynamic moulding mould, which is able to substantially and evenly distribute all the components included in the sink mass.

Technical features
G.P.S. Moulding system Traditional system
Resistance to thermal shocks > 7000 cycles  About 3500 cycles
Resistance to high temperatures Average 650 °F (345 °C) 480/540 °F (250/280 °C)
Resistance to impacts
(ISO 179 model)
Average J/m 39 Average J/m 30
Look of the sink back face Improved aesthetical aspect Rough aspect
Cleaning Easy to clean Easy to clean
Resistance to scratches on the show face 5/7mg 5/7mg